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here we are, so far from where we were   
11:37am 01/09/2005
mood: calm
It's official. I'm not going back to Hogwarts. Mum found the letter, but for once, actually let me do what I want to do.

Well, almost. I have to go into Diagon Alley, and look for a job. I'm thinking I might go to Knockturn instead, though. It would be so much more fun working there.

I sent an owl to Pansy, but I haven't heard anything yet. The only thing I've heard from Draco is that journal entry. He's still hiding.

Does anyone want to meet up while I go job hunting?

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and i don't want to go back   
08:50am 22/08/2005
mood: worried
Oh NO.

The new "Headmistress" has sent us owls to tell us Hogwarts will be open. At least it was addressed to me, and not my mother... She would probably have forced me to go. As it stands, I have the owl, and I have to hide it from her.

I don't need classes on how to defend myself against "Dark Forces". I don't need to be shoved into a classroom (or, Merlin forbid, DORMITORY) with other houses. Could they actually make me share a room with a Hufflepuff?

I think I need to burn this letter. Tell Mum that since we haven't heard anything, it would probably be best to stay home.

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we can't pretend we're who we used to be   
10:48pm 16/08/2005
  The world is changing. What a time.

No one's heard from Draco all summer, not even Pansy which could still work out well, I think, never mind that I've been trying for months and months and nothing.

Mum wants me to go back to Hogwarts. I won't, though, I refuse. I did horribly in my classes, and I don't want to go back. There's no point. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is going to change everything. Hogwarts is childish. It's time to grow up.

:- penny for your thoughts -:

all i want for christmas   
04:17pm 06/12/2004
  Oh hell. I completely forgot about this thing. I wonder how many marks I've lost?

The hubbub surrounding the Halloween Ball has subsided, obviously. Nothing has really been happening at all. My school work? Neglected, just like this journal. It's really bad. However, Dad convinced Mum, and I'm getting a broom for Christmas! Well, he didn't say it, but I'm sure that's what he meant.

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the things no one sees are the things closest to the heart   
06:24pm 02/11/2004
  The Pumpkin Ball was on Sunday... It was so much fun! Draco and I danced all night, as you could ALL see. I was so happy that I bought those robes in Hogsmeade. I could have worn the dress robes from fourth year, but they're two years old, so I needed new ones.

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i just can't wait any longer   
10:45pm 23/10/2004
  Eight days until the Pumpkin Ball!

I wrote Mum about my new broom. If she balks, I'm sure Dad will talk to her. I need one, anyhow. I mean, even if I'm not playing Quidditch.

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can't live with this any more   
12:06pm 17/10/2004
  It's exactly two weeks until the Pumpkin Ball! I'm so excited... I can't wait.

Homework has been so stressful. I'm bored with everything now... It's just busy work. I can't wait until Christmas. I get to go home and ask for a broom again... Because I'm still doing my work. I mean, I'm not doing it well, but it's getting done. And that's what matters.

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rewards forthcoming?   
03:14pm 07/10/2004
  24 days to the Pumkin Ball!

I've actually been doing my school work this year. It's pretty good... I think I'll write Mum and ask her if I can get the broom on Winter Break.

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offerings of peace   
10:49pm 30/09/2004
  Note to Pansy ParkinsonCollapse )  

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if i'd only known, you know it would be different   
10:08pm 28/09/2004
mood: annoyed
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subversive, subserviant, subpar   
09:48pm 26/09/2004
  I went to Hogsmeade today. It was a lot of fun! I bought new robes like I was going to... They are gorgeous. They're bright red, but they've got a slit down the front, and they're dark red underneath, and all the hems are trimmed in black. So pretty... And they look beautiful on me! I can't wait for the Pumpkin Ball, it's going to be a great time.

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01:47pm 22/09/2004
mood: tired
NEWT levels are so hard. I've just been doing homework all the time. And when I'm not doing homework, I'm posting in this thing or flirting with Draco, who I will make sure is not single for much longer.

I think I should have new robes for the Pumpkin Ball. Maybe I'll get some in Hogsmeade. I wonder if Draco would go to Hogsmeade with me.

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06:44pm 17/09/2004
mood: excited
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12:16am 09/09/2004
  It's odd... I have so few classes. I guess it's because I did so poorly on OWLs that I'm not in the NEWT classes very much... All I have is Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Astronomy and Divination. I miss Potions, though... And I'm rather annoyed that I did the summer Potions work and then found out I wasn't in the class. Oh well.

Draco was totally checking me out the other day

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12:44pm 02/09/2004
  Back at school now. Yesterday morning was too hectic for me to write anything. I had forgotten to pack clothes and such, but I got it done. And then the barrier was closed! No one knows why, but people have been saying it's You-Know-Who. The Evening Prophet said so, too... Well, they mentioned it, but said they didn't think it was true. Oh well. It could be the start of such an exciting year.

Professor Dumbledore said that we'll have a Pumpkin Ball this year! I am so excited. It's going to be on Halloween. It shouldn't take that long to break Draco and Pansy up! Draco will definitely be my date

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Lunch is almost over now. I've got to go to class!

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11:12pm 30/08/2004
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06:13pm 29/08/2004
mood: bored
School starts Wednesday. This is good, as my housearrest will be lifted. Not that Mum could enforce it at school.

I've done all my summer work. I cannot believe it. I didn't even have to stay up overnight on August 31t to do it.

Mum wouldn't even let me go to Draco's manor! She insisted that she help with my Potions work rather than him! What does she think will happen? Well... Not that I would be upset if it did, but

I have all my clothes packed, save the ones I will need to wear over the next three days. All my books are packed.

I can't wait to get out of my house.

:- penny for your thoughts -:

02:11pm 23/08/2004
  Sorry I haven't written recently... Mum's found my OWL results. As I expected, she flew off the handle, swore that I wouldn't be allowed to do anything this summer until my summer work is done. She didn't even want me using this journal, which I didn't mind at ALL. Then today, she realized that this really is an assignment, so I still have to do it.

But I think if I say that when I go see friends, they're going to help me with my work, she'll let me go.

She's also said that she won't let me get a new broom, but I think Dad is going to try to talk to her about that.

:- penny for your thoughts -:

11:28pm 18/08/2004
  Plymouth was an absolute BORE. I don't know how people can be friends with my parents. I mean, really. They never want to do anything. They wouldn't even let me sit on the beach for too long, for fear I would get sunburnt. They wouldn't let me go shopping. They sent my owl nearly every day so I couldn't even get in touch with anyone! Remind me not to go on family vacations anymore.

Adrian Pucey owled me, though... Said he had to go visit family last minute. I'm not sure I believe him, though. It's the kind of thing he'd do.

I actually did most of my summer work while vacationing. How sad is that? All I have left is that Potions essay.

:- penny for your thoughts -:

10:50am 14/08/2004
mood: enraged
Adrian Pucey is a stupid prat. He stood me up. I waited for an hour half an hour him and wasted my time!

If Pansy says ANYTHING about this, I will ring. her. neck.

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